IOM's talented team provides our clients with an inclusive set of marketing skills along with comprehensive management advice to help them realize their company's potential.

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We keep our team purposefully small to ensure a strong partnership with our clients, allowing us to develop personal relationships that create a better understanding of who our clients are and how best to represent them.

Online Communication

With an intelligently designed website that is responsive across multiple platforms and a carefully crafted social media presence that engages your marketplace, we’ll create a comprehensive online presence that increases leads to new customers and creates loyalty for existing ones.

Graphic Design  &


In an increasingly visual world, the ability to craft compelling stories with pictures or graphics is becoming all-encompassing.  Our artists will bring your story to life across all mediums.

Event Management

& Planning

We create and deliver all of our client’s events through our IOMPresents division.

Business Consultancy

Our combined experience in all aspects of business management provides us with the insight to help you evolve your company from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow.

Some of the great companies we've had the pleasure of working with over the years!

Our Clients

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker taught “Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two - and only two - functions:

Marketing and Innovation.  Marketing and Innovation produce results.  All the rest are costs.”

About Us

Innovative Outdoorsman Marketing is a full-service marketing company founded in 2002 that specializes in brand consistency.  Now, while that sounds very impressive, the number one question our clients have is ‘What does IOM do that gives them an advantage over others that talk about consistency in the marketing message?’   Our response is that it is not so much about the ‘what we do’, but the ‘why we do it’.  We don’t just learn our client’s story, their business, their products and their ideas.  We work to understand them, and because of that we craft a message that remains consistent “from the client’s mind to their consumer’s hand.”, regardless of how the customer comes in contact with it.  We create a message that tells the same story and elicits the same response no matter the medium it is delivered through.  Our objective is to have your satisfied consumer relay your message consistently, as we crafted it, to their peer group.


Once the your message is ready for the public, we bring to bear all of our creative assets to ensure that your message is successfully marketed in to reality, distributed effectively across all the mediums you want it delivered through.  Our team ensures that it maintains integrity and consistency all the way along to both your customer and your consumer, motivating them to act as you want them to, whether that’s to purchase your product or to embrace your idea.


In the process of learning about and coming to understand your company, there are numerous instances wherein we will be able to provide you advice and insight that won’t just help you grow your business, but help you evolve it to a better version of itself.



A marketing firm with small town roots and big city results!

The unique nature of Events Management lead us to create at separate division within Innovative Outdoorsman Marketing to ensure that your events are organized and successful, meeting the objectives you set out for them.  For more information please visit…

Event Management

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